What Indians Can Learn From Kashmiris

Normally Indians dependably attempt to guide Kashmiris or what to gain from them, so here we present couple of things which Indians can endeavor to gain from Kashmiris.

Stand for your own people

At the point when Burhan Wani was killed (fear monger for a few, saint for other people) we aroused behind him for quite a long time. At the point when multi year old guiltless kid Tufail Matto was shot by security powers in 2010, Kashmir was conveyed to a stop for a considerable length of time and we held up our dissent. Additionally, when any obscure aggressor is murdered, lakhs crowd (really go) to pay regard.

Sorry to learn, it appears that the vast majority in India just remain by their very own kin to flaunt via web-based networking media and to pick up TRPs on TV channels. Simply couple of weeks back, when 40 Crpf work force were martyred by a solitary aggressor, all that the grievers did was tweet their retribution, post devoted messages on Facebook and offer viral WhatsApp advances to one another. Aside from beating couple of Kashmiris and bringing trademarks against them up in different pieces of the nation (terrible activity in any case), what did others do? Nothing. They just trusted government would accomplish something for their benefit. On ground, it didn't appear as though anything has occurred and business conveyed not surprisingly, as though no body minded.


Kashmiris have been known for their hospitality and warmth for quite a long time. In 2014, crushing floods in Kashmir left many voyagers stuck in Kashmir, it was the Kashmiri youth who acted the hero. In 2017 when an Amarnath Yatra transport loaded with travelers met with a tragic mishap close Banihal, neighborhood Kashmiris took part in salvage activity as well as gave blood for the harmed. How might we overlook Kashmiris taking a chance with their lives to spare armed force men got in mishap at Pantha Chowk-Lasjan.

Kashmiris have been facilitating 20 Lakh Indian voyagers every year and Amarnath Yatra throughout recent centuries. Aside from that, there are 5-6 Lakh non-local people working in Kashmir who neither have whined ever, nor have they been addressed by us. Regardless of what number of monstrosities have Kashmiri individuals experienced and the measure of scorn that we have for the Indian offices, we have never made any damage any individual visiting Kashmir. When you are around us, we approach you with deference. On the off chance that regardless you don't concur, we wager you discover somebody who has visited Kashmir and not applauded Kashmiris for their friendliness.

P.S If the primary believed that rings a bell in the wake of finding out about Kashmiri cordiality is that Kashmiris make due on the travel industry for enthusiastic hood. FYI the travel industry just adds to 8% of the state's Gross Domestic Product.

Presently coming to India, day and night as a matter of course, Indian TV stations run horrible battle against Kashmiris with no regret to the condition that Kashmiris are in. Just as of late we have perceived how Kashmiris were abused, understudies thrashed, shops harmed and Kashmiri agents took steps to return from different pieces of India. Aside from the way that Kashmiris are not ready to get leased pads effectively and rather are named as Pakistani or fear based oppressors when they bring up issues on Indian barbarities in Kashmir.

No Kashmiri has ever scrutinized the working of an Indian in Kashmir (trusting that it's anything but a piece of India), while interestingly Indians who jabber that Kashmir is an indispensable piece of India have cheek to ask a Kashmiri " For what good reason does he/she work in India in the event that they would prefer not to be a piece of India?"

P.S Even however we work in India, whatever we win is from our diligent work. At any rate we don't piss and spit out and about, disturb your ladies, involve your territory and have misguided feeling of pride.

Educate yourself more and have your own opinion

As a Kashmiri, it is shocking to perceive how such a vast mass of populace can be mentally conditioned so effectively to have a recognition which suits the administrations account. So much are they affected that they are not willing to see past and rather trust their adaptation to be all reality that is conceivable. For instance, the way that Kashmiris have been yakking throughout recent decades that Indian military do monstrosities and Indians have some-how decided that Indian security powers are in Kashmir to ensure Kashmiris and Pakistan is in charge of all the wreckage in Kashmir. Fella plz… !!! Grow up now… !! Attempt to put together your announcements with respect to realities and sensible seeing thereof. Go to Kashmir, or converse with some Kashmiri or read it some place however please have your own conclusion as opposed to suspecting and talking what is benefited from a spoon to you by the media. Ideally, I would propose to check (at any rate once in your life time) the UN human rights infringement provides details regarding Kashmir or of whatever other worldwide NGO that don't without a doubt work for benefit. I accept while understanding them you will without a doubt get a sensible edge concerning why and what is happening in Kashmir and comprehend the situation of the Kashmiris for a change.

Do you know why patriotism and solid move did not make place after Uri and Pathankot, however just so near a General Election? Do you realize how often Hurriyat's security has been taken off and given back till now? In the event that indeed, you will have contributed decidedly to the normal IQ of India.

Conversely Kashmiris, in spite of the fact that we are innocent individuals who have faith in all gossipy tidbits, whatever we talk about and make recognition depends on what we experience and what we have been educated, not what a TV stay says or an image recommends.

P.S If now in the wake of perusing this you are thinking the author is a bad-to-the-bone Islamist who has been mentally programmed to get 72 hoors and is against India and Hindus. If it's not too much trouble see I have not perused multiple pages of Quran.

Have some compassion and empathy 

We Kashmiris have seen sufferings, felt so much agony and seen such a large number of dead bodies that when even a little empathy is appeared towards us we respond with commonly more. Like when as of late Kashmiris were slammed crosswise over India, Sikh people group acted the hero. We gave them delight as well as proceeded to give them free remain in Kashmiri lodgings, free discussions by doctors,etc.

The day Pakistan discharged a video of Indian pilot with blood loaded face, the greater part of the Kashmiris said "Hata wai bechor" (cry of anguish, and felt frustrated about him) since we have seen blood, we have seen moms sobbing for their children, recently hitched widows, vagrant kids and above all else such a significant number of instances of vanishings.

Sympathy and compassion are the need of great importance to make Kashmir, this nation (and world) a superior spot.