10 Things that Make Kashmiri Women Special

1. Beauty 
Kashmiri ladies are past beautiful. Pretty much every lady in Kashmir is better than expected with regards to excellence. There is excellence in their simplicity and in their complexity. 

2. Maazrath 

Our ladies are the most cordial animals at any point conceived on the essence of this planet. They are in all respects agreeable and liberal with regards to serving nourishment to companions, visitors and even outsiders. You can feel their glow in their wide open grins while they feed you sustenance. Na myoni marun chui,byaakh piece pae khyon) Whenever we Kashmiris have visitors come over, there are small wars going on over nourishment in the guestroom. Our moms ensure they win the war and that your plate is perfect and mouth full. 

3. Wohwu 

Kashmiri ladies have a one of a kind method for culpable individuals and venting out their indignation. Kashmiri ladies don't even precisely gush obscenities.Their word misuse is incredibly amusing. They would consider you a phatwangun (a burst out Brinjal/Eggplant ) and you could at present get irritated to impossible dimensions. Another of the many is 'Pae buth wasith' (May your face fall) 

4. The 'Mubarkas' convention 

Ladies in Kashmir pursue this convention in all respects religiously. At whatever point there is any uplifting news in the family or in the area, they race to their homes to salute them with three to four sacks of treats. It may contain crisp fruits,fresh baked goods from the celebrated confectionaries around the local area or bundles of almonds and treat. 

5. The Rain of Almonds 

Regardless of whether the uplifting news is somebody getting hitched or passing registration tests or splitting an expert placement test, Kashmiri ladies will give you almonds, confections and the mark ten rupee notes, creased in an extravagant design. 

6. Consuming the Persian lament prominently called Isband or Isphand 

Kashmiri ladies consume the Harmal seeds or the Persian Rue in their kangris (earthen pots brimming with consuming coal,used to keep one warm in winters) and make friends and family sniff its vapor to spare them from the stink eye. They consider it as people prescription for all diseases and use it in profound practices. 

7. Vartaav 

On weddings, Kashmiri ladies convey brilliant envelopes and burden it with cold hard cash as a token of affection for the lady of the hour or the groom. Try not to be amazed on the off chance that it is an odd number of notes.Their most loved numbers are 1,11 and 21. 

8. Wanwun 

The Wanwun is an interesting method for singing on weddings.They euphorically make two singing gatherings, partition the sections of a tune among the two gatherings and each gathering sings them alternately.They incorporate the mother,the father,the uncle,the auntie and nearly everybody in the melody. They've aced the craft of playing 'tumbakhnaaris' which are one type of desi earthen drums, open on one side and sing to its boisterous thumps

9. Stunning Expressions 

Kashmiri moms will take all the hardship of their kids upon them.They state things like 'Laegsai balaai' (May all your setback arrive rather than you) and 'Vondmai zu'. In the event that you are a Kashmiri, you beyond any doubt are all around familiar with these cherishing articulations. 

10. Wazwan 

The Wazwan is so stacked with various assortments of food,mutton specifically, that it gets an excessive amount to eat only for one dinner. Prior Kashmiri ladies used to convey plastic sacks with them and sneak in the additional sustenance, and make an effort not to be seen,to evade the shame. Presently they are given extravagant resealable zap sacks to take the additional sustenance home and relish it with the excluded individuals from the family (Like a manager ! )