Ramadan Countdown 2019 Timer Clock with Calendar

If you want to know when is Ramadan 2019? and want to see exact Ramadan countdown timer with clock, we have created one for you. How many more days until Ramadan 2019? here is the answer for you. This counter will continue work and let you show exact days left in this Islamic festival.

Ramadan Countdown Timer 2019

Ramadan Countdown Timer shows the complete Holy Month journey along with the starting and ending date. You can even create the Timer in your mind or physically that counts the remaining days. Just open up the calendar and make your own original timer. This will also be a “homemade” or “Desi” Ramadan Timer J
As the technology is improving day by day so multiple countdown timers apps are also available that shows you the remaining days, hours and seconds. If you mention the starting date there then it will calculate the remaining days, hours and seconds for you.

When is Ramadan in 2019?

Ramadan is the nine months in the Islamic Calendar that is booked for fasting. The month of forgiveness is expected to be on Monday 6 May in 2019. It last in 29 to 30 days. The most expected date of its ending is 4 or 5 June 2019 (Tuesday or Wednesday) After that Eid-ul-fitar is celebrated. According to the Islamabad Prayer timing the Sehar and Iftar schedule is as follow:

Ramadan DaysDatesDaysSehar TimeIftar Time
16 May, 2019Monday03:41 AM06:55 PM
27 May, 2019Tuesday03:40 AM06:56 PM
38 May, 2019Wednesday03:39 AM06:57 PM
49 May, 2019Thursday03:38 AM06:58 PM
510 May, 2019Friday03:37 AM06:58 PM
611 May, 2019Saturday03:36 AM06:59 PM
712 May, 2019Sunday03:35 AM07:00 PM
813 May, 2019Monday03:34 AM07:01 PM
914 May, 2019Tuesday03:32 AM07:01 PM
1015 May, 2019Wednesday03:31 AM07:02 PM
1116 May, 2019Thursday03:30 AM07:03 PM
1217 May, 2019Friday03:29 AM07:04 PM
1318 May, 2019Saturday03:28 AM07:04 PM
1419 May, 2019Sunday03:27 AM07:05 PM
1520 May, 2019Monday03:26 AM07:06 PM
1621 May, 2019Tuesday03:25 AM07:07 PM
1722 May, 2019Wednesday03:24 AM07:07 PM
1823 May, 2019Thursday03:24 AM07:08 PM
1924 May, 2019Friday03:23 AM07:09 PM
2025 May, 2019Saturday03:22 AM07:09 PM
2126 May, 2019Sunday03:21 AM07:10 PM
2227 May, 2019Monday03:20 AM07:11 PM
2328 May, 2019Tuesday03:20 AM07:11 PM
2429 May, 2019Wednesday03:19 AM07:12 PM
2530 May, 2019Thursday03:18 AM07:13 PM
2631 May, 2019Friday03:18 AM07:13 PM
271 June, 2019Saturday03:17 AM07:14 PM
282 June, 2019Sunday03:16 AM07:14 PM
293 June, 2019Monday03:15 AM07:15 PM
304 June, 2019Tuesday03:15 AM07:16 PM
You can note down the above schedule or can download the Ramadan countdown Timer app for your ease. Generally, Islamabad schedule is followed but through the app, you can select your city and get the timing of Sehar and Iftar. Check out the best Ramadan countdown Timer 2019 App on the Google Play store.